Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bars, bikes, nights off.

I used my bike for the rest of the shift, the weather was OK so it was fun, plus I didn't want to give my car another shot at taking me out - third time lucky eh?

I've decided that I'm most interested in a Fiat Coupe as a replacement, I love the styling - it's different and practical(ish)

All I've got to do is find one I like.

Checklist is: turbo, Aircon and sunroof. I love this colour, Portofino Blue. It even sounds good.

Friday, 2 April 2010

My car's trying to kill me, part deux.

Brilliant; after last weeks debacle with the tyre blow out, I'm starting to think my car is called Clive as well.

As I left Brighton on the A23, I accelerated away from the Rabbit roundabout (amed by the kids as it's always full of, you guessed it, rabbits).

All of a sudden my bonnet flipped open against the windscreen at about 70mph totally removing my forward vision.

I quickly checked my rearview mirror, nothing following for some distance, so I flicked on my hazard lights, stopped in the outside lane, leapt out of the car and pushed the bonnet down.

I got back in, moved into the inside lane and drove at 30mph to the nearest layby.

I managed to get the bonnet to latch down by bouncing up and down on it with my bum.

Then I carried on to work.

Another case of 'beyond the call of sanity' methinks.

I was lucky, normally (even at that uncivilised hour) the road is fairly busy, but since it was (not so) Good Friday there was less than usual traffic.

I spent a very quiet day at work looking for a new car on e-bay and Pistonheads, 'so many cars, so little time' (sic).

I have already started a claim on my critical illness insurance, so I am expecting some money through soon.

I just don't know what car to get to replace my (formally) beloved Alfa, I fancy a change of marque.

I've always loved Italian cars, maybe I should get a Ferrari?

Bump, back to ground again, it's got to be at least a bit practical, Maserati?

Or even the most beautiful car ever made, a Lancia Fulvia with that lovely wooden steering wheel.

Decisions, decisions.

I decided to come in by motorbike tomorrow, I've been riding it around Brighton a bit and it hurts less than driving a car.