Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The battle with Clive could soon result in a Win for the good side (how 'now' does that sound?)

I went to see my Oncologist today for the results from last weeks CT scan.
They showed me the scan alongside the original one taken back in January.
This was to show the effect of the Radiotherapy I had.
The tumour (Clive) has shrunk by a massive amount, it's now 1/4 of the volume it was back then, 1/16th the volume it was when I started Radiotherapy in March.


My oncologist originally said the best they could hope for was to stop its growth.
Now she has recommended me for surgery to remove what's left, when in January they were saying it was inoperable because of the type and size of Clive.

We're all over the moon with this unexpected, brilliant news.....

I should find out next week if the surgery has been approved by Professor Thomas.

ps for those who are confused by the sudden appearance of lots of new posts, I'm filling in the gaps. It's probably regarded as a bit naughty in the Blog world, but (as Lilly likes to say) what the hell....