Saturday, 24 July 2010

Oops, my bad.

It's nearly 5 weeks since my operation and I've been told off by a few people for not updating my blog.

I'm sorry, I'm supposed to be taking things very easy, but not that easy.

I'm going to backfill some posts on the important things that have happened later.

My MacMillan nurse, Maggy, came to see me on Thursday and after hearing my life story since October, reiterated that I would need to take another month off to heal properly.

Although I feel guilty about letting the members of my watch at work down, she said that if I don't take the time to heal now, I will always feel in as much pain as I do now. Time to be shellfish I think (sic)

Went for a coffee or two at the Madeira cafe on my motorbike today with my daughter, a beautiful day in Brighton.

I then fitted a new gauge to my Coop, taking it easy.
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