Sunday, 21 February 2010

Me the Christmas tree?

Tomorrow I'm going to Sussex University for a PET scan.

For those that don't know this involves being filled with a radioactive Glucose solution then i'll be put under a CT scanner.

Since some cancers like to take up the Glucose solution they'll show up on the scan as a glowing area.

This is in order to find out if I have tumours growing anywhere else on my body.

If I do I'll look like a Christmas tree on the scan.

Nervous or what?


  1. Ian, thinking of you lots and sending you a big hug from both of us. Emily and JP xxx

  2. just dont ask where to put the fairy then Ian. Good luck with the PET today
    Mick :)

  3. Good Luck Ian. Really hope the PET goes smoothly, and you dont have to hang around at the hospital for too long. Lots of love , Sal x

  4. Hi mate all the best for today! We are all thinking of you! :)