Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Why is everyone looking at me sympathetically?

I went to Brighton General Hospital to have my skin checked by a Dermatologist today, he found 2 areas of concern, a mole I've had forever - but he chopped it off anyway, and a pale patch of skin on my leg that looked like a wart for a few years and then disappeared one night leaving a 2inch patch of pale skin, from which he took a biopsy.

I also had a long conversation with my Radiologist who showed me the planning scan they did last week and the one done back in December.

Clive has nearly doubled in size!

So she's decided to change the plan for my Radiotherapy from 6 weeks to 2 and then refer me back to The Royal Marsden for Chemotherapy. (that's weird, 'cos chemotherapy doesn't work on Malignant Melanoma)

It's all looking like they're just doing what they can to make me comfortable now.

And they're all looking at me uncomfortably and sympathetically.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit negative, but that's how I'm feeling right now.


  1. well perhaps the change in treatment is a positive thing Ian. one can only hope so. in our thoughts here at work and everyone is wishing you the best.
    best wishes to You, Karen and Family
    regards, Mick

  2. I've been following Karen's blog for a while and I knew something was wrong but didn't realise it was this serious. You've been, are going through, a lot but you sound like a naturally positve person. Stay strong. I'll be following your blog and all good wishes and thoughts go to you and Karen.

  3. Tuesday's news was a bummer, but the Marsden is among the best in the world. Good luck - J & V

  4. Try and stay positive, Ian, thinking of you lots. Sal x