Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Brilliant news! I'm not a Christmas tree.

Seond day of Radiotherapy, exactly th esame as the first.

While I was waiting I saw myself in the mirror, I looked like a mad professor!

So I decided to get my hair cut on the way home.

Queued for 20 mins in Barber Blacksheep ( my favorite named Hairdresser) 20 mins later I looked soooo much better. (see it's not just you girls who get a lift from a trip to the hairdressers)

Just after I got home I had a call from my favorite Radiotherapy Consultant, Sarah (surname excluded to protect the innocent).

She'd got the the result from my PET-CT scan in super-quick time. I have no other sites related to Clive, he showed up though which means that the results are valid.

Amazing news, an unbelievable lift for my spirits gonna have my afternoon siesta with a big smile on my face.


  1. no wonder health workers are called Angels eh. good to hear from you tonight Ian. glad you are sounding a bit more cheerful :)

  2. FAB!! That's Great news...Onwards and upwards. x

  3. Thanks for you support 'enemies of Clive'.

    You wouldn't believe how much your comments makes me feel more positive.

  4. Fantastic news Ian and so good talking to you mate.

    One thing though - are you sure that's a photo of your Radiotherapy machine and not one of sit under hair driers at Barber Blacksheep's?