Sunday, 28 March 2010

My car's trying to kill me!

First nightshift and on the way to work driving at slightly over the speed limit in the outside lane of the M23 in fairly heavy rain, my car started weaving..........

I pulled over pretty quickly, luckily stopping under a bridge.

My rear passenger-side tyre was completely flat: bugger!

So I emptied the boot of assorted crap onto the back seat and changed the wheel for a skinny spare.
This is definitely not what I want to be doing in my state.

I got to work half an hour(ish) late, full of apologies and in a fair amount of pain.

I spent a very uncomfortable night at work, I didn't feel like driving again so soon.

That's the thing with us Civil Servants, dedication beyond the call of sanity!

Mind you I'd had a fairly large swig of OraMorph when I got my car parked. (by the way that's oral Morphine for the uninitiated) and that's when I started to think my car's trying to kill me (does Morphine cause paranoia?)

When I got home this morning I looked at the wheel I'd taken off - there was a hole in the sidewall that I could fit two fingers in. I must have hit a large lump of something sharp on the road.
I'm just glad it wasn't a front wheel, that would have been interesting in that rain!

I slept like the dead and decided not to go to work the second night tonight, I'd already warned my shifties that that was on the cards.
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