Monday, 22 March 2010

A waste of time....

Well, I went to the Marsden on tuesday and when I was eventually seen by Dr Larkin, he said that there was no point in considering me for Chemotherapy until they found out the effects of the Radiotherapy. No s**t Sherlock.....

So, they've passed me back to Sussex (Brighton) Hospital with the recommendation that I have a scan in 4-6 weeks time to see the effect.

The only good things to come from this meeting were that I had a fun ride up to London on my Motorbike (it was a beautiful sunny day) and that I met up with Caroline to catch up on old times.... (thanks for the coffee and the Chocolate Croissant)

Oh, and for my next meeting with Dr Larkin I won't have to go to the Marsden in Chelsea, I can go to the one in Sutton, a bit closer and without the heavy traffic and parking problems of central London to contend with.

2 days after the meeting in London I got a letter from Brighton Hospital with an appointment at the end of April....

So. I'm thinking of going back to work.

I've been reading a lot, but I need to keep my mind going, I need the problem-solving environment.

Plus I'm concerned that I'm going to run out of my 6 months full sick pay. On 2nd of June I'll go onto half pay and at that point I would no longer be able to pay my half of the mortgage, that would bring extra stress on me which I obviously could do without.
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