Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Are we nearly there yet?

Today I'm halfway through my Radiotherapy.

The session this morning was interrupted by the machine locking-up halfway through my treatment. My 20 seconds from the back had been done and after the head repositioned itself above me I got a 3 seconds blast then it stopped.

The Radiographer came round and apologised and they called out a tech!

Apparently it happens regularly and they're trying to find out why by dumping logs and analysing them, sounds like Unix to me.
Once they'd done that they rebooted it and carried on. I only got 17 seconds this time....

The Radiographer said they'd taken an image as well as doing the treatment, I'd better ask about that tomoz, the treatment was at 0815 this morning and since I'm starting to get tired after the treatment, I just wanted to head home to bed....

Apparently the treatment doesn't have much effect until the second week any way.

Soz it's a bit of a boring Blog, but I'm getting more tired.


  1. perhaps it was a broken "rear link" Ian ;-)

  2. better a boring blog than none at all Ian! 'Jog along' as Danny Dyer would say! lolx

  3. I know it can be v tiring from my Mum's experience (and she only had two sessions, a week apart). Good to have an update :)

  4. Thought you would have fixed that with your "Swiss Army" knife Ian, well you are a tech?