Friday, 26 March 2010

First day back at work (reluctantly)

Last night I made sure I had all my meds for the day and this morning I headed off for work.

I'd forgotten what 5am looks like, grey cold and not at all like sleeping in bed.

I spend a very weird day at work, reactions from my workmates was very mixed ( I had been told to expect that).
Some thought I was mad to go back, even when I explained my motives, other were happy to see me back.... and more than one looked at me with what can only be described as fear (I really thought everyone knew cancer is not contagious)

I felt tired really quickly, but that used to happen after 2 weeks off during the summer.

My old mate Dave has left while I've been off, he managed to convince BT to pay him £30k to leave 6 weeks before he was due to retire, admittedly he never told them whether he was going to leave on his retirement date anyway.

I was really glad when 7pm came around and also happy I'd made the decision just to work my second day, I've always found the days more tiring than the nights.

Home again I had an early night.
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